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Wroclaw & Lower Silesia - the Country of Castles and Gardens


Lower Silesia with its beautiful capital Wroclaw belongs to the most fascinating historical regions of Poland. During its turbulent history, it was marked by different cultures and ruled by different nationality monarchs: Czech, Polish, Habsburg and Prussian. Each of those periods has left outstanding architectural and cultural traces. Combined with a very positive thinking of its inhabitants they blossomed up with an amazing heritage. Top class museums, like this of the Royal Castle, explore the complexity of the phenomenon and expose the artistry and achievements of the past epochs.

Lower Silesia it’s overall Baroque - from absolutely magical Aula Leopoldina at the Wroclaw University dedicated for Emperor Leopold Habsburg, through fairytale castles, monumental monasteries until idyllic country residences often adapted for luxury hotels and restaurants. Designated as “the Country of Palaces and Gardens” Lower Silesia ravishes by the diversity of its attractions and landscape.

The capital Wroc³aw, similar to Venice, lays on water. The arms of the river Odra embrace the city and form a dense net of channels meandering around the monumental Old Town buildings, squares and towering churches. The impressive gothic City Hall dominates the specious Old Market Square which is regarded as one of the most beautiful in Europe.

Wroclaw is definitely one of the most interesting musical destinations. The Opera house is an architectural pearl and one of the best prospering musical theatres in this part of Europe. Thanks to the high competences and charisma of its director and conductor – Mrs Ewa Michnik – it flourishes and lances great initiatives. One of these are famous opera super productions which take place each year in the most original Silesian venues and plain-airs. The opening in 2015 Music Forum will be one of the most spectacular philharmonic venues.

Wroclaw has been designated as the European Capital of Culture in 2016.